Photography by Alice

Affordable Rates for Photos

Affordable Photography Rates and Pricing - servicing Auckland. Affordable photo shoots.

If you are looking for an affordable photographer in Auckland, look no further.
Quality photo shoots at very affordable and reasonable prices.

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Package - $500
A 1 hour shoot. Includes 25 high resolution, retouched photos on a flash drive.
Package - $570
A 2 hour shoot. Includes 35 high resolution, retouched photos on a flash drive.

  • 20 PAGE PHOTO BOOK - highly recommended!! Order a 8x11" hardcover 20 page Photo book from Alice for only $50 extra
  • If you wish to order additional professionally retouched photos over and above what is included in the above standard packages, this can be done starting at $10 a photo depending on amount of retouching required.
  • A variety of affordable, quality printing options are available, please enquire with Alice. You also have the option of printing at any photo printing outlet from the flash disk provided.  

All Alice's above packages are inclusive of:  

  • A Shoot
  • The ORIGINAL IMAGES on a flash disk
  • A few retouched images (amount depending on the specific package)
  • Standard postage throughout NZ (if you cannot pick up flash disk from Alice)
  • If you wish to have your flash disk sent via fast post/courier/tracking number or postage outside NZ, you can order it at an additional cost
The images are yours

  • Unlike some other photographers, once you have paid for the photos, they are yours! Alice does not retain copyright of these images, nor will she use/display them anywhere (unless you give specific permission). The photos are yours to do with as you please Ė print as many as you like, retouch them or use them for whatever you want!

Donít be fooled!
Some photographers are offering photo shoots at seemingly low prices,  but after the shoot they charge up to $200 per photo. Always enquire about whether you will be receiving the photos as part of the package and how many, as most other photographers will not provide you with all the original images. With Alice, there are no hidden costs and you know exactly what you can expect from your shoot, which always includes all your original photos in high-res, digital format.