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Alice's Beauty Tips

If you’re applying your own make-up for the shoot, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Make-up will always appear less prominent on camera, so, when in doubt; apply eye shadow & eye liner a touch darker than normal, unless you are opting for a completely natural look.
  • The colour of your lipstick should be decided on the style you’re opting for. I.e. red normally hints toward sexy & catching. Light pink might portray a soft & natural feel, whereas dark lipstick normally could portray something more dark or seductive.
  • If you are using liquid foundation, apply some face powder as well, especially on the “T-spot” as this area may often appear shiny on a photo
  • If you want to change your make-up halfway during the shoot, it is advisable to start with the lightest selection first and then to go darker from there, i.e. if you want to use pink & red lipstick, start with the pink. If you want a natural & dark look, start with natural first and then move onto darker eye liner/eye shadow.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff! Small marks can easily be covered up with a cover stick and if not, I can always retouch it afterwards in Photoshop. Chances are, you most likely won’t even notice it in the photos and it will only cause unnecessary stress. Remember that nobody’s skin is 100% flawless – not even models. Just focus on looking fabulous and I will take care of the rest!
  • Only use skin products and make-up to a shoot that you have already used in the past as to avoid any possible skin reactions
  • Cucumber slices are very helpful in relieving puffiness over the eyes
  • If you are feeling very tense before the shoot (which is completely normal), a glass of wine might help, however be aware that too much alcohol or any other drug can make your eyes look droopy. Therefore it is strongly advisable not to drink more than one glass of wine before the time. You can even bring along a bottle of your favourite wine to the shoot and have a few sips during. If you are naturally susceptible to alcohol I would not recommend drinking any before or during the shoot though. Also, if you are driving to and from the shoot, please take care in making sure that you are not over the legal limit!
  • Last but not least – a good night’s rest goes a long way!