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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you cater for?

I cater for women, men and couples (male/female, female/female, male/male). 

Where do you take the photos?

All the pricing packages on this site pertains to shoots that are taken in my professional, photographic studio. I do, however, travel to any location in Auckland at an additional travelling fee, depending on the location.  

Please feel more than welcome to approach me on any ideas you might have, even if you don’t see anything similar in my portfolio. I photograph many different types of nudes, glamour, alternative, sensual, romantic couples photos etc. Please kindly note that I don’t photograph extreme fetish, explicit or pornographic work.

How do I get to your studio?

My studio is based in Whangaparaoa, Auckland (North Shore). I will provide you with the address, map & directions once we have confirmed a booking. There is also a parking space available if you are driving to the shoot.

When can I book a shoot?

I am available for bookings any time from 9am - 9pm (9pm being the finish time for the shoot) Mondays to Fridays; or any time from 9am - 5pm on Saturdays.  Normally I am not available for Saturday evening shoots or Sunday shoot bookings.  Even though I LOVE my job and love to photograph people 6 days a week, I do wish to spend some time with my own family & friends as well (if I'm not photographing an event) although am willing to make an exception in certain cases if you have no other possible time available and are able to book well in advance.

How long is the shoot?

It depends on the package that you have booked. Please have a look at my pricing packages

How long should I book?

It depends on your own specific needs. In most cases the 2 hour red package is sufficient for most people’s needs if you would like to do a bit of everything – i.e. clothed, underwear/lingerie, nude etc. 2 hours does sound long but given all the possibilities there are for different outfits, photos, poses, expressions, angles etc, the time can fly by fairly quick. An hour shoot might be sufficient if you only require a few different type of shots for something specific but it could border on too short for some people. On the other hand, anything more than 2 hours could become slightly tiring if you are only booking for one person. However, if you are more than one person (i.e. a couple or friends) who want individual shots as well as shots together, a 3 hour booking might be a better option than a 2 hour shoot. So it basically depends on what your specific needs are. If you are uncertain, please feel free to contact me and I will recommend a time, depending on your particular needs.

Can I bring someone along to the shoot, even if they don’t want to pose?

Of course! It is certainly a good idea to bring someone along for moral support. I often find that partners can be very encouraging to one another and boost each other’s self-confidence. It basically depends on your personality though – if you are by nature a very shy person and don’t like to have an audience, you might find yourself more nervous in bringing someone along, unless it is someone you know very well, like a best friend or your partner

What photos will I be receiving after the shoot and how do I go about this?

Step 1: Shoot
Step 2: CD(s) with all original, high resolution images are ready to be picked up once notified 
Step 3: Pick up CD(s) from me. Alternatively standard postage throughout Auckland, NZ is included in all packages upon request or any other type of postage or courier at an additional fee upon request.
Step 4: Make your wish list of photos that you would like to have retouched (amount depending on package). If you would like to order prints I will send you my printing prices and you can order as many as you like.
Step 5: I will email you the retouched images in high res format once they are done. Alternatively I can cut it onto another CD for you. Prints I can either post at an additional fee or you are welcome to pick up.

How long before I receive all my original high res photos on CD after the shoot?

I normally have the CD(s) ready within one working day after the shoot if a cash payment (or bank payment prior to the shoot) was made and will notify you as soon as it is ready for either pick-up or if I have posted it to you (on your request).

How long does it take for you to retouch the photos?

I always aim to finish the photos asap yet at the same time I also aim to provide you with the best top quality and service. On average, one photo could take me several hours to retouch. As I often have more than one client’s photos to retouch, I have to work on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, you should be willing to wait at least a week for 10 photos to be finished. So its a matter of weeks – not months! :-) If you require the retouched photos for a specific date like a birthday/anniversary present, I would recommend booking your shoot 2 weeks prior to this to ensure that you receive your photos in time. Remember that this is the retouched images – your CD with original images will be delivered to you much sooner (please refer to previous 2 questions for more info).

What if I would like more photos retouched/photoshopped than the specified package?

You are more than welcome to order additional photos starting at $10 a photo depening on amount of retouching required (please note that this rate does not apply to advanced photoshopping – i.e. adding of a different background - please contact me for a separate quote in this instance).

Do you provide models to pose with clients for the shoot or assist clients in finding someone to pose with?

No. The only services that I provide is professional photographic services in my own capacity. I am not an agency or anything other than a photographer and therefore cannot make arrangements between 3rd parties on their behalf, neither do I have the resources to find such 3rd parties. Although please feel more than welcome to bring anyone along to the shoot that you would like to pose with if they are keen! 

Is it possible to take images that are sensual, yet presentable to the public? (i.e. if I wanted to put it on my bedroom wall)

Yes off course! Not all images need to be full nudes. Sensual photography has many different variations and YOU are in charge of what you want. Here are a few examples of styles that do not involve full nudity and which will not be classified as x-rated to the public, yet still sensual & artistic at the same time: glamour, boudoir, lingerie, simulated nudes and close-ups of certain body parts.

I want to create a storyline or theme with different images attached together. How do I go about doing that?

Collages are quite fashionable nowadays and a great way to bring together different, yet part of the same theme photos. This creates a unifying, creative & diverse effect and can be used for basically any type of shoot. Please see collages for more info.

I want to do a shoot but am worried about discretion?

I guarantee absolute discretion to all my clients. This is my job and something that I take very seriously. I understand each person’s concerns in this regard and will NEVER reveal a client’s details or photos to anyone or to the public as it is strictly confidential. Remember that I photograph many clients – most of them do sensual shoots so to me it is something that I do every day and I am very professional, mature and understanding about this. I need my clients to trust me so that I can capture their beauty and will never betray that trust as it would defeat everything that I stand for.   

Whose photos are on your site then?

The photos displayed on my site are photos of professional models. They are often a re-creation of ideas or previous ideas that I have suggested or done with clients in the past and therefore an example of my style & work but not representative of all the people that I have worked with. Sometimes clients will also request me to add their photos to my site which I might do if I feel that it would be of benefit to my portfolio.

I am nervous about the shoot and have never posed before. Will I be able to pose?

Most people that I work with are not professional models. I will direct you if necessary & will make any suggestions that I think might suit. Once you are in front of the camera, you will soon realize how natural it actually feels. There is no need to feel nervous about the shoot as you are in good (& capable) hands & my job is to capture your true beauty. Most people seek sensual images mainly for the experience of it & therefore the main thing is just to relax, be yourself & look fabulous! My job is to build your confidence & to find that true god/goddess in you. Your only job is to allow me to find it!

Do I have to pose nude?

Of course not! This is about what YOU want, and what works for you. I work within your comfort zones so it is for you to decide. I simply create a relaxed, inspiring and creative atmosphere where you are free to move around as you please.

I am afraid that I am not skinny or pretty enough to look good in front of camera?

Most people are concerned about some flaw with their body when doing these types of shoots, however, you don't need to be a model to look great in a shoot.  I have photographed people of all ages and sizes.  All you need for a good photo, is adequate lighting, good directing, flattering angles, combined with professional retouching and you'll soon find out how most models look the way they do! 

Will my images be displayed on your website or portfolio?

I will never add any sensual images of anyone on my website or display them anywhere, unless they give me permission to. See-through images website images are therefore only of models or clients who gave kind permission to specific images being displayed.

Can you photograph us separately & as a couple/s?

Yes. I can either offer 2/3 sessions as part of one package or separate packages, depending on your preference, although for more than 2 people I would either recommend separate packages or the Green or Purple package in order to give everyone a fair amount of my time & images.

Do you provide a make-up artist &/stylist?

A MUA can be provided at an additional fee.

Do you provide any props during shoots?

Yes, I have several different props, hats, gloves, stockings etc for use during shoots, although you are welcome to bring along anything extra which you might like. 


When are you available for photographing events?

Events can be booked any day & time (mon-sun), however I do recommend making a booking as far ahead as possible

What events do you photograph?

Any type of events including parties, birthday parties, functions, engagements parties, kitchen teas, stork parties, weddings & wedding anniversaries (although this list is not limited so please feel free to contact me if you have something else in mind). I photograph (and support!) ALL types of weddings at any location, whether you are a heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual couple.

What is your pricing packages for events?

It varies depending on the type of event. Please contact me and I will send you a list of packages pertaining to your specific event.

We are getting married but are not having a reception per se – we just want some nice photos taken afterwards

Yes, of course! I can come to your own place or we can go to a location to capture some beautiful photos with only the two of you or with close friends/family members etc – just direct me on what you want and I’ll capture it for you!

Do you photograph any type of wedding, even if not your conventional type?

Yes, I photograph any type of wedding! Whatever strikes your fancy.