SEE-THROUGH IMAGES - Photography by Alice

Lingerie & Boudoir Photos

Lingerie and Boudoir Photography in Auckland.

Lingerie, boudoir and Glamour photography are photos focused on the beauty of the female image and needn't be nude. It is photos highlighting the romantic female figure and her sensuality.

Lingerie photos are a great method of creating wonderfully sexy and romantic photos, without the need to be fully nude. A lot of people  feel more comfortable with wearing some form of lingerie as opposed to posing nude, or as a method of "warming up" before proceeding on to more daring photos!

If you need a romantic portrait done of yourself for your bedroom or as a romantic gift for your significant other - boudoir photography is a speciality of Alice! Boudoir means "Bedroom" in French and  it represents the perfect way to bring spark into the bed!

Glamour photography is also great for models! With fashion shoots, you are a prop selling the product or clothes. With glamour photography - you are the subject and the photos are only about you! Perfect for model portfolios!