SEE-THROUGH IMAGES - Photography by Alice

Glamour Photography

High-end  glamour photography for women

For the everyday woman in a casual, fashion, glamour and/or professional style. Here’s to celebrating our woman hood!

Alice can cater for a wide range of styles to suit each person’s needs:

Glamour Photos: There is often a misconception that glamour photos need to be nude. Glamour refers to the style depicted rather than to the dress code. I.e. glamour style photos are often depicted as something that is focused on a woman’s sensuality. This can be anything from an evening gown to a sun dress to a casual outfit to lingerie to nudes. There is no specific formula for glamour photos as it is mainly aimed at focusing the attention of the viewer on a woman’s sensual energy and confidence. A perfect gift to give to your husband, boyfriend or yourself!!!

Fashion Photos: This is especially popular amongst women or girls who would like to be aspiring models. It is the same type of style photos you would see in a fashion magazine. The focus is on the specific outfit, accessories, shoes etc which determines the mood of the photo.

Family Photos: This is to emphasise our role as mothers, daughters, grandmothers, wives, friends or girlfriends and the interaction between our loved ones. It is part of what makes us woman and worth capturing forever!

Traditional Photos: For the professional woman – this is to reflect her power, wealth, respect & classic elegance – which is often used for but not limited to business/career style photos.