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Client Testimonials

Some feedback received from clients after receiving their photos 


"Your work is IMPRESSIVE. I cannot find enough adjectives to describe how satisfied I am with your work. I would love to date myself. Lol. You will definitely be recommended to my friends. Thank you verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much.

"I am thrilled with the shots that you sent me. Just the effect that was in my mind, and you have captured an amazing base to play with. You have tuned in with my ideas and explored adaptation nicely."

"Wow Alice these are fantastic!! I love the lighting - I'm so flattered you got me in such beautiful shots."

"Thanks so much for the shoot today. It was a completely new experience for me...and I really enjoyed working with you...I am sure this is not a last time"

"Hi Alice First of all, another big thanks from ___ and  for the photo shoot the week before last. You were very professsional and got ___ very realaxed. I think she would like to ahve done more while we were there. Great to get the CD and be able to go through the photos. You mentioned that we could choose twenty for touch-ups. We would actually like 25 done"

"I've enjoyed the experience... got some good shots but also learnt about being in front of a camera, expressing myself, being uninhibited."

"Thanks for the CD and photos. You’ve done a fantastic job. We are finding it hard to choose and may take a few days to finalise our choices. I definitely want to get some printed on large format and will contact you about that"

"Wow, thank you SO much Alice, they are just beautiful.... my favourite is defintly the one where I am standing in front of the window!, thank you for the opportunity to shoot with you, it was lovely to meet you, and I hope we can get together and do another shoot sometime in the near future"

"Hi Alice, Thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot. Appreciate your energy and dedication to your photographic craft. Im sure I will be back to do another set of photos in the near future. Hope your day is going well. "

"Thanks for sending the images again! They look cooooool ~ Some of them surely have put a big smile on my face hanging from my left ear to the right :)"

"Hi, have been getting nice complements from my new photos, so thanks :-). Check my profile if you get a chance!"

"Thank you for spending time with me today for a photo shoot session. You did everything possible to make myself comfortable and relaxed. I really enjoyed my such first time experience."

"Hi Alice that was so much fun. Creative and revealing. Thank u so much 4 making me feel so gud about myself"

"I had a great time too- so much fun! Thanks :) I can't wait to see them all properly when I get back home today. Going to be a hard wait, waiting to give them to hubby!"

"Thanks so much for the photos, I love them all. It is going to be very hard to decide on 10 to retouch :-) Great Job Alice!! :-)"

"Thanks so much for doing the edited photo's- they look amazing! Hubby absolutely LOVED the photo's"

"Thank you for that, I am sure about the confidentiality and this is something of a first time for me and hence a bit nervous, I really enjoyed the shoot"

"I was so excited about seeing the photos afterwards that I could barely sleep the night before. You have certainly exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much Alice! "

"Thanks a million for the shoot, had a great time. Was such a pleasure working with you!"

"I love the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done you! "

"Alice - they are amazing !!!!!!!! You really have made them even better than the originals, and we were very pleased with the originals. Thanks for the B&W images as well. Isn't the old saying that if it's in colour it's erotic, and if it's in black and white then it's art ? They are all very artistic, thank you. Will be back in touch if we would like to do some more with you - I'm very keen. Thanks again"

"ALICE!!! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the photos!!! Thanks you so so much!!! ...Love them all, you are so so good at what you do!"

Thank you so much for that Alice. Really appreciate the warm way you deal with everything. I am sure you make even the most nervous soul feel comfortable with the shoot."