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Finding the right wedding photographer

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The question has been asked, the answer been given... Now the planning will begin... Planning for that very special day... Your wedding day!

Regardless of all the other things you need to plan for your wedding, the wedding photos are probably the most important thing of all. Why? Because this is how you will be able to relive this beautiful memory of your wedding day forever. So, before you plan anything else, you will probably start with trying to find a wedding photographer.

But finding a wedding photographer is easy. Finding the right wedding photographer - now that is a different matter.

Many years back when I was getting married in South Africa, my (now) husband and I asked a wedding photographer who we knew from a friend. But at our consultation, this photographer wasn't very friendly and had a written list of stuff that she photographs and doesn't photograph and wanted us to make an exact list of what we want her to photograph, waving her finger at us and noting that if we don't state it, it will not be photographed. The rest of the consultation was just a blur of her ranting & raving (not quite sure about what).

I was pretty rattled after the consultation and felt that, if this person is so unfriendly, irritated and aggressive during a mere consultation, how will she be at our wedding? (when the last thing you want is to worry about directing a tantrumatic photographer). Isn't that what we're paying her for - to think for herself what she needs to photograph & what not? (is what I thought anyway). Maybe we just didn't see eye to eye with her or maybe we were thinking on different levels.

Either way I told my husband (fiancÚ at that stage) - no way. "I don't care about anything else but the photographer must be right!" That is the most important person at the wedding, apart from the bride & groom because they are responsible for making the bride & groom feel & look relaxed when it will probably be the most exhilarating & stress-related day of their life! It is the wedding photographer's job to be adaptable to every wedding and bride & groom's own specific style - to be friendly, relaxed and in control, even when under pressure. That, in my opinion, is the definition of a good wedding photographer that you would want at your wedding.

As it turned out, we did find another fantastic wedding photographer who was very relaxed, experienced & professional. The wedding photos turned out just the way we had imagined - relaxed & natural - reflecting both the theme of our wedding and our style & personalities.

To this day I never regret finding another wedding photographer as I can look at the wedding photos with a big smile on my face and relive this wonderful day... our wedding day. And I know that it doesn't reflect the wedding photographer's personality but ours. That's what made her so good was the fact that she made us feel relaxed enough to show our true style and to be adaptable to capturing that style at the same time...

It also happens that my father sadly passed away unexpectedly in a car crash, exactly 2 months after our wedding. We didn't have a lot of photos of him and was exceptionally thankful for the wedding photos - of him walking me down the isle, and sharing a great time with his family. That gave me great comfort during a difficult time and made me realise the importance of photos - especially photos that are taken at an important day of your life like your wedding day (it is also probably worth noting that it was during this time when I decided to become a professional photographer, now almost 8 years ago).

So, my point is that every single wedding will be different and this is the difference between an average wedding photographer and a good wedding photographer - is for the wedding photographer to understand and realize that its not just wedding photos that you are taking but of two people, sharing their love, compassion & joy with each other on one very special day... This day should reflect their feelings towards each other forever and you, as photographer need to adapt to what they want and understand the vibe & rhythm of their own individual wedding.

It is also a wedding photographer's responsibility to focus on every bride (and groom's) strong aspects - you can't merely take the same style photos of everyone. As a  photographer specialising in sensual photos, I have a lot of experience in finding the right angles and ways that work for each individual person. So, even more so I do think myself very experienced in making people look even more fabulous and helping them to relax and feel comfortable as many of my clients isn't always wearing a wedding dress (or any clothing for that matter!) or make-up or hairdos, yet they still look fabulous in the photos and love it!

Lastly, it is a wedding photographer's responsibility to be creative as you wouldn't want 100 photos all looking exactly the same! You would want different backgrounds, different set-ups, special candid moments... Not to mention different style photos i.e. close-ups, torso shots, full body shots, full view shots etc - all captured in your wedding photos. This is what I, as photographer always try to focus on is to deliver as much variety possible to each and every client that I photograph, whether it is for a wedding, event or photo shoot. So if you are looking for a friendly, relaxed, down to earth, adaptable, professional & creative wedding photographer who's sole purpose is to make YOU look your very best in your wedding photos and to capture YOU & your partner's own very true style & personality, then contact me now!

I photograph any and all different types of weddings - whether big or small, traditional or non-traditional and am proud to say that I fully support and photograph weddings between gay couples (to me there was never a difference to begin with when it comes to heterosexual and homosexual weddings - I am just happy that it is now finally legal in New Zealand!).