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Wedding Photos Auckland & Rodney

Wedding photographer in Auckland & Rodney

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This is YOUR special day. A day you have been waiting for your whole life. It is certainly a day that you would want to capture!

Alice can cater for a wide variety of weddings, whether big, small, intimate or extravagant, for straight, gay or lesbian couples, at any location and for any type of religion or non-religion. Alice can cater for all your personal needs and specifications.

Please contact Alice for a very affordable quote on wedding or events packages.

If you are not a couple who likes to pose, Alice can photograph natural, in-action wedding photos for you. These photos are often more personal and intimate. Weddings photos also don’t need much posing as you are capturing that specific moment in time.

The idea is not to focus on the photos but to focus on the day itself and to allow Alice to photograph your inner joy & happiness as they unfold on your wedding day. Most of the time you might not even be aware of Alice’s presence (or might be too busy to notice) but will get to see them on your wedding photos afterwards!

So much time and effort goes into planning a wedding and the main thing you have to show for it afterwards is your everlasting love for each other. Apart from this the second main thing you have to show is your wedding photos. If taken by an experienced professional photographer, you will have so much more peace of mind on your wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, Alice understands that weddings are personal matter – some weddings are shared with friends and family while other weddings are of a more private nature. Alice will also respect and follow any protocol you might have on your wedding and customise her photography to suit your specific needs.

Wedding photography is anything but mainstream – it is based upon each individual’s own needs. Everyone deserves the same right to celebrate their love with a wedding ceremony – whether you are a gay same sex couple or a heterosexual couple and Alice fully supports this.

So contact Auckland’s female photographer, Alice, today for a quote on your same sex gay marriage – a celebration of love, joy & happiness!